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Paradox are a complete package and have a full and flexible PA and Lighting setup. Venues can range in size from small pubs and clubs to large hotel/function rooms and even outdoor events.

Our high quality flexible setup can consist of up to an amazing 24 channel Allen & Heath mixing desk, 2 x QSC PL-230 (3000W RMS), Peavey 4080 hz CS (2040W RMS per side) and a Peavey 3400 GPS (1700W RMS per side) for power amps with external crossovers to gain the full sound wanted by the audience due to the recent increase in Large Music Festivals, worldwide.

For speakers we have the some of the latest technology and speaker design with the JBL SRX range.

We always use top of the line, industry standard Shure and AKG microphones throughout.


Rich - Drums

I play a Maple DW (Drum Workshop) Collectors Kit. The Kick and Toms are finished in Ebony Black Satin Oil accompanied with Chrome hardware. Click The DW Logo to play my Kit online.

The sizes and depths are as follows:

10"x8" Fast Tom
12"x9"Fast Tom
14"x11" Fast Tom
16"x13" Fast Tom
22"x18" Fast Kick

My Snare is a 14"x5" DW Collectors and is finished in Tobacco Burst Satin Oil also with Chrome Hardware.

I choose Paiste Cymbals for both live and recording use. Mainly I use 2002 Crash's, China, Sound Edge Hi-Hats and a 2000 Heavy Ride.

My hardware includes a Pearl Eliminator Double Kick pedal, matching Hi-Hat pedal and DW 9000 series stands and brackets.

To mic up this beast I use AKG 5 x C418 for my Toms & Snare, an AKG D112 for the Kick and 2 x AKG C1000s for the overheads.

I use Remo Skins, Vic Firth sticks and Protection Racket cases to complete this setup.

I also have a full electronic setup, a Roland TD-20 that I use mainly for practicing.

This is all industry standard and I'm proud to own such a collection of fine equipment.

Drum Workshop
Vic Firth

Liam - Guitar

Tone is very important to me and I have a versatile set up to meet the demands of a demanding set list.

I use a Marshall JTM45 or a Orange Tiny Terror all valve head into a Marshall 1922 2 x 12 cab running Celestion speakers.

For guitars, I tend to favour 2 Fender Strats or a custom Les Paul Goldtop. This gives me all the flexibility I need for tones.

I have a custom pedalboard with the best pedals available, including Blackstar, Electro-Harmonix and Jim Dunlop. I use Ernie Ball strings, Mullard valves and Dunlop picks


Gary - Bass

My pride and joy Bass gear. I play through a Mesa Boogie 1x15" cab with an awesome 4x10" on top of it.

The main work horse of my stack is the Mesa Boogie 400+ head, It's not going to win any beauty competitions soon but it with 12 x str425 6L6 Power Valves you will feel it producing a warm rich 500 Watts. This amp is used by many pro's including Sir Paul Mc'Cartney himself.

For Guitars I have choosen a Musicman Stingray 5. It has active pickups allowing for amazing harmonics and clarity throughout the instrument. My second guitar is a Fender Jazz American Duluxe and my latest toy is a 3/4 Double Bass.

Combined with awesome amplification as listed above, you truly do get an amazing and pure tone.


Polly - Vocals

Wow this is easy for me... I use a Shure Beta 58 Microphone.